Are women funny?

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Female and funny?

The BBC is a bit like an embarrassing uncle who keeps getting pissed at family parties, and upsetting everyone with his casual racism and crude sexual innuendoes. Actually, if the beeb were a person then it would be Jeremy Clarkson. But this isn’t a piece about Clarkson’s potential departure from Top Gear, for I have to actually give a shit about something in order to write about it.

This is about a story that aired yesterday, concerning a decision made by the BBC to start ticking boxes on their comedy shows. By that, I mean that they released a statement to the effect that shows such as Mock the Week must now feature at least one comic with breasts on their panel. Or else.

Breast-free comedian, Jason Manford, has piped up in support of ‘the laydeez’ by exclaiming that the BBC shouldn’t…

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